For the past year and a half, Tumblr gave me a community of people like me, and people who I learned from. I became a better person, a more educated person on a lot of important issues. 

But I also became a lot lazier and less motivated. I haven’t read an actual book in a long time because of this website. I also found myself procrastinating on Tumblr til very late at night. I put my stupid blog before school, and school is important to me.

Today, I wrote two sentences on an essay before giving up to check Tumblr. As I was scrolling through my dash, I got really annoyed with myself. So, on a whim, I went to my settings, and deleted it. 

To my wonderful followers, thanks for being so awesome and putting up with all of my shit. Thanks for everything.

Bye, Tumblr.

-Eliza (thescienceofseductionn)